Lesson 121: You Can Do It!

I just finished student teaching–and this was a cheer that my kindergarteners would say to each other to show each other when someone needed a boost. September and October were absolute chaos. Full time work + no income + putting family first was no easy feat. If you read my […]

Lesson 120: Visit Japan

Our vacation was 2 months ago and we came home to hit the ground running. Luckily this blog has gotten much more traction with some friends at #TeachersCollege and #ColumbiaUniversity. That being said, I was embarassed to see my post about Japan never went through. My friend from China said […]

Lesson 117: Love.

I know, I know. “Alexii, you don’t write anything for this long and then you post a title about ‘love’ on VALENTINES DAY?” Well, readers. You are correct. Alex and I have never been Valentines Day people. I always sort of enjoyed the “Gal-entiines” option before it was coined a […]