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By Anthony in Washington, DC

Like many of my generation, my love and fandom for Star Wars started with the showings of the special editions in ‘97.

Although I was only 2, my uncle made sure that I was a part of this momentous occasion. Although my father was in and out of the picture, my uncle largely assumed the role of a father figure in my life. He took it upon himself to help raise me as his own and, certainly, made sure that I loved Star Wars as much as he did (he saw A New Hope 10 times in the summer of ‘77).

Star Wars was how he and I bonded even though life was difficult at most times. The distraction of a galaxy far far away was special for both of us, especially with the later releases of the prequels. He and I watched Episode II 300 times in the summer of ‘03. (That is not an exaggeration, I counted). I loved debating themes with him and creating head canons and side stories.

Although my uncle passed away, I was fortunate to be able to see Episode III with him in the theatre, the last thing he and I would do together. For that special moment, I will always cherish Star Wars and that it represents family, fun, and adventure to me, overall. This passion has continued to this day and I even wrote my senior thesis in college about the importance of Anakin Skywalker’s origin to understanding the overall saga.

May the force be with you!

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