Across the Stars

By Anthony in Washington, DC

Like many of my generation, my love and fandom for Star Wars started with the showings of the special editions in ‘97.

Although I was only 2, my uncle made sure that I was a part of this momentous occasion. Although my father was in and out of the picture, my uncle largely assumed the role of a father figure in my life. He took it upon himself to help raise me as his own and, certainly, made sure that I loved Star Wars as much as he did (he saw A New Hope 10 times in the summer of ‘77).

Star Wars was how he and I bonded even though life was difficult at most times. The distraction of a galaxy far far away was special for both of us, especially with the later releases of the prequels. He and I watched Episode II 300 times in the summer of ‘03. (That is not an exaggeration, I counted). I loved debating themes with him and creating head canons and side stories.

Although my uncle passed away, I was fortunate to be able to see Episode III with him in the theatre, the last thing he and I would do together. For that special moment, I will always cherish Star Wars and that it represents family, fun, and adventure to me, overall. This passion has continued to this day and I even wrote my senior thesis in college about the importance of Anakin Skywalker’s origin to understanding the overall saga.

May the force be with you!

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